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I have worked in every continent of the world across 26 different countries, handling operations across different industries. I have the experience to help businesses scale up and increase profit by building the right structure, systems and processes.

My clients who range from CEO’s of multinationals to small businesses have been able to...

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In life, there comes a time where you need a Mentor, a Coach or both. Whether in business, or life in general God positions people along the way to help us navigate right. Pat Diaku is one of such persons; you cannot meet her and not be impacted. Your life and enterprise would take a turn for the better. Through practical experiences and sound systems she helps people, especially women become the better version of themselves. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to do more with what they have been given or even the one who does not know where to start.

Ese Onoro

CEO Shea Magnifique

If any entrepreneur or a budding business person is considering to have a business coach or a mentor, Mrs Pat Diaku of Oakhill Business Consulting Limited is the go-to person. Under her mentorship within 6 months, my business has grown tremendously locally and internationally. Thank you Mrs Diaku!

Mrs. Haleemah Tijan Balogun

CEO, Pacesetters Phonics and Diction Institute

In 2014, I was mentored by Mrs Pat Diaku and with her help, I was able to overcome a particularly trying time and reinvent myself. From a business perspective, she provides insights that have supported my entrepreneurial journey, by using her personal experiences and other skills to motivate, guide and influence me towards taking my business above the mediocre. During the COVID lockdown, she provided information, direction and the like regarding innovating business so as to benefit from the opportunities availed by the pandemic and also promoted strategic alliances by SMEs. Her support has been immeasurable in many regards.

Mrs. Temi Taiwo-Oni

Author, Entreprenuer

Aunty Pat as I fondly call her has been an exceptional mentor to me. Her kindness, willingness to share her own experiences and wisdom while listening closely, are all qualities that I've always wanted to imbibe. Beyond that, as a mentor, she has always tried to help me become a better version of myself in my career, spirituality, and as a mother. She always looks out for me and always has open arms towards me at whatever time I reach out to her. Even when our mentoring cohort was officially over, she wasn't done with me and till tomorrow... I'm glad God brought her my way.

Ms. ‘Tunrayo Dacosta

Gbogbolowo Lady

I took a bold step in reaching out to Mrs Pat Diaku when my business was almost becoming nothing to talk about and I knew I desperately needed a change in my business. One thing I must say is this, there are Business Coaches, who after coaching you, one might still need to pay other coaches for more trainings. But there are real business coaches that after a session, you know that you can stand firmly on your own; Mrs. Pat Diaku is one of such coaches. I started by selling in little bits but in one month into my coaching session with her, I had gotten 2 distributors and my business has started gaining structure and making hundreds of thousands... The best thing that has happened to me in 2020 is coming in contact with a coach who in passionate about what I do and believes in me more than I believe in myself...I can boldly say, Mrs. Pat Diaku is my catalyst. I wouldn't be here today without her.

Alexis Essien

Baby Nurse Africa

After an inter-state relocation, I found myself considering every factor and giving myself every reason to wait until conditions are perfect before establishing my already thriving business in my new location/base. And yes! The Covid-19 lockdown challenges gave me 101 alibis and I kept saying to myself “I will start as soon as the lockdown is over.” This I did until I got a call from Mrs. Pat Diaku and in less than 2 days my business had started and was thriving in my new location! You heard me... She’s a PRO like that! She kept calling to spur me on and give necessary guidance... I celebrate your eagerness to invest your time and share your expertise on business/entrepreneurship and your ability to give honest and direct feedback. Thank you ma!

Mrs. Ijeoma Ezenwanne

CEO - Harold's Café

“Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care “ Theodore Roosevelt . Mrs Pat Diaku is an Amazing Coach . I met her in 2018 during a mentoring session I enrolled for. Aunty Pat like I fondly call her is Passionate, Optimistic and Selfless. She has a very strong zeal that makes everyone that comes in contact with her to move forward and be relevant in their field of interest, career and business. She triggered in me the power of Resilience- Ability to bounce back no matter what has happened and still have a sense of purpose in life. She takes her time to mentor step by step until she sees you produce results and you are living a positive, profitable and fulfilling life. You can entrust that business idea to her and be amazing at the outcome. Today, I can dare to take giant steps fearlessly. She readily shares information that can move people forward. I was a beneficiary of one of such opportunities - African Leadership Institute Business Development Scholarship, which presently am a Fellow. Aunty Pat has been a Caring, Attentive and Approachable Mentor to me inspite of her busy schedule.

Opeyemi Anthonia Ogunsami