The Family Tree House Initiative


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“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” - Seneca


"It all begins in your mind. What you give power to, has power over you, if you allow it." - Carly Waterman


"Equip yourself in life, not solely for your own benefit, but for the benefit of the whole community." - John Monash

Project Scope
Equip youth in higher institutions with practical survival skills in a low cash economy. We regularly train over 100 students across several tertiary institutions in Ogun State.
Project Details
We approach youth leaders in higher institutions to get their support. Gather; organize and train them on how to start and run their own businesses with as little as =N1,000.00 Build businesses around their talents. Teach Time them Personal Development skills; Time Management, Business Writing; Marketing skills, etc.
Benefit Outcome
Over 80% of them running their own businesses and paying their school fees whilst catering for their extended families as well. Businesses such as: Compere, Dance and fitness Instructors, Make-up and Gele; Beading; Plantain Chips and Chin-chin, Wig making, leather products making, event decoration, digital skills, etc.
Project Scope
We have regular seminars for Secondary Schools especial Girls School to teach them Resilience.
Project Details
We reach out to individuals to support girls to remain in school through our School Fees Drive.
Benefit Outcome
More girls are doing well in school. Some are enjoying our scholarships in Nigerian universities.
Project Scope
Equipping Secondary School Prefects for the right Leadership skills to drive national change.
Project Details
We create and deliver training programs aimed at equipping them to acquire the right skillset and values. We expose them to ways that they can influence national and state policies, etc
Benefit Outcome
Some of these students are aspiring to gain admission to universities to read courses that would better equip them to join politics, government agencies, etc.